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Classic Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
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Classic Chocolate Cupcake Recipe | Your New Go-To

Difficulty Easy

Classic Chocolate Cupcake Recipe: Nothing is better than a classic chocolate cake…well, a chocolate cupcake. This easy baking recipe creates a super tender and moist cupcake for any occasion. Top it with any frosting! Plus the recipe is crazy easy, perfect for bakers of all levels. Almost all ingredients are […]

Classic White Cake Recipe
Cakes and Cupcakes

Classic White Cake Recipe | Best Ever

Cooks in 45 min Difficulty Medium

Classic White Cake Recipe: White cake is a classic, soft and tender vanilla cake that compliments any frosting. This easy recipe is perfect for beginners of all baking levels. Turn this white cake recipe into cupcakes! Frosted cake! Mini cupcakes! Whatever you are celebrating, this recipe will make it even […]