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demetri's woodstone taverna
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Demetri’s Woodstone Taverna | Edmond’s Vibrant Hangout

Located right by Edmonds-Kingston Ferry, Demetri’s Woodstone Taverna gives diners a wide variety of seafood, hot and cold tapas, unique cocktails, flatbreads, and other European fare. Foodies of all taste palettes can rejoice because there is something for everyone, including beverages! Food of Demetri’s Woodstone Taverna From tapas to appetizers […]

Gelatin versus Collagen
Baking Tips

Gelatin versus Collagen | What Are They?

Gelatin versus Collagen: What is gelatin? What is collagen? Both have recently gained popularity in the food and health world. But what exactly are they? Are they the same? Simply, they are DIFFERENT but both are widely used in people’s cooking and consumption. Read more to understand the WHY. What […]

Korean Fresh Cream Cake
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Korean Fresh Cream Cake | Just like in K Dramas

Korean Fresh Cream Cake or 생크림 케이크 recipe: If you like light and spongy cake, then this cake recipe is for you. It’s made with chiffon cake, a cream filling, and Chantilly cream exterior. Topped with strawberries, this is the perfect summer time cake. Never tried it? You’re going to […]

Whipped Cream Recipe
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Whipped Cream Recipe: That Won’t Melt

Homemade whipped cream recipe: It is a classic accompaniment that pairs perfectly with almost any dessert. But how do you make whipped cream that won’t melt? It is pretty simple to stabilize whipped cream and anyone can make this! TIPS FOR MAKING WHIPPED CREAM THAT WON’T MELT Use a hand […]

Chantilly cream recipe
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Chantilly Cream Filling Recipe

Chantilly Cream Filling Recipe: This is very similar to homemade whipped cream. Except it is slightly thicker and slightly sweeter. It’s popular for cake and tart fillings, or simply with fruit. The best part? It is super easy to make with simply ingredients. WHAT IS CHANTILLY CREAM? Simply, it is […]

Chiffon Cake Recipe
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Chiffon Cake Recipe | Baking Basics

Easy Chiffon Cake Recipe: Tender and light cake that is delicate in flavor. It’s a light and air-y cake that is perfect for any celebration. The texture is soft and spongy, very similar to angel food cake. Pairs well with any type of frosting or whipped cream. WHAT IS CHIFFON […]

is baking powder the same as baking soda
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Is Baking Soda the Same as Baking Powder?

Difficulty Easy

Baking Soda vs Baking Powder: Learn the basics of baking powder and baking soda, the two most common chemical leaveners in the kitchen. You might already be using ’em in recipes. But some recipes call for baking soda and others call for baking powder. When can you substitute one for […]