How to store cookies with royal icing
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How Do You: Freeze Decorated Cookies with Royal Icing

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Yes, you can freeze cookies decorated with royal icing. Storing in the freezer is an ideal way to get ahead of holiday and Christmas baking. Follow these easy steps to freeze your favorite decorative cookies, made with royal icing or other fun sprinkles.

How to store cookies decorated with royal icing


  1. Step 1: After decorating your cookies with royal icing, let them dry overnight (about 8-12 hours) on your kitchen counter. This is key. The royal icing must be 110% dry and hard. Next, make room in your freezer. Make sure you have enough space for all your cookie storage.
How to freeze cookies with royal icing

After the icing is dry, place it in a zip lock-style plastic bag. Remove any excess air. Lay as flat as possible.

If your cookies are decorated in fine detail, put them in a food storage container. This will avoid any bumps and cracks while being stored in the freezer.

Don’t have extra food storage containers? That is OK. Make sure you lay your plastic bags completely flat in the freezer.

How to freeze cookies with royal icing
How to freeze cookies with royal icing

Non-decorative cookies like drop cookies don’t really need to store in an extra food storage container. Plastic bags are a-ok.

Ready to eat these cookies? Remove them from the freezer, open the bag, and let them thaw on your kitchen counter.

Avoid defrosting them in the fridge. It will causes excess moisture on the royal icing.

How to freeze cookies with royal icing


How long will my cookies last in the freezer?

Up to 3 months. It is best to eat these cookie within 1 month.

What if my cookies have lots of sprinkles?

Yes, you can store cookies with sprinkles, nonpareils, and fine decorations. Just realize some sprinkles may fall off due to storage.

What about cookies decorative with buttercream or contain filling, like jam?

Avoid freezing cookies with buttercream or contain filling, like jam. Too much moisture is present and will leave an odd consistency.

Can I freeze undecorative cookies?

Yes, of course. My cream cheese sugar cookies and drop cookies freeze beautifully.

What cookies do not freeze well?

Thin cookies, like Florentines, lace or tuile cookies. Cookies filled with fruit, jam or jellies because of the moisture content. Filled sandwich-style cookies like fancy Oreo-types or buttercream filled.

If you are making filled cookies, simply freeze the cookie part. Then, the day you need the cookies filled, remove ’em from the freezer and fill ’em.

Read more about common mistakes when freezing cookies from The Kitchn.

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