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Baking Tips: Baking basics 10. Learn, bake, and up your baking wisodm.

Gelatin versus Collagen
Baking Tips

Gelatin versus Collagen | What Are They?

Gelatin versus Collagen: What is gelatin? What is collagen? Both have recently gained popularity in the food and health world. But what exactly are they? Are they the same? Simply, they are DIFFERENT but both are widely used in people’s cooking and consumption. Read more to understand the WHY. What […]

is baking powder the same as baking soda
Baking Tips

Is Baking Soda the Same as Baking Powder?

Difficulty Easy

Baking Soda vs Baking Powder: Learn the basics of baking powder and baking soda, the two most common chemical leaveners in the kitchen. You might already be using ’em in recipes. But some recipes call for baking soda and others call for baking powder. When can you substitute one for […]

How to bake good cookies
Baking Tips

What Makes a Good Cookie? | Cookie Characteristics

We all have our favorite good cookie: A crispy biscotti! A soft chocolate chip! A flavorful jam thumbprint! Just like us, cookies have their own extra special features. Keep on reading to understand the in’s and out’s. I love, LOVE cookies! And, who doesn’t? A classic chocolate chip cookie with a tall […]

BAKING Ingredient Weight Volume Chart
Baking Tips

Baking Ingredient Weight and Volume Chart

Baking Ingredient Weight and Volume Chart for your baking needs: Most baking professionals will weigh their ingredients with a digital scale versus using measuring cups and spoons. Mainly because they are baking in huge batches. When you’re baking in your home kitchen, bakers tend to use recipes that call for […]

How to fill a pastry bag without making a mess
Baking Tips

How Do You: Fill a Pastry Bag….without making a mess

How do you fill with a plastic pastry bag with frosting without make a giant mess over your kitchen counter? Keep on scrolling and reading for some very helpful tips and tricks. If you are just starting your baking journey, there will be a time you need to fill a […]

How to store cookies with royal icing
Baking Tips, Holiday Baking Tips

How Do You: Freeze Decorated Cookies with Royal Icing

Difficulty Easy

Yes, you can freeze cookies decorated with royal icing. Storing in the freezer is an ideal way to get ahead of holiday and Christmas baking. Follow these easy steps to freeze your favorite decorative cookies, made with royal icing or other fun sprinkles. STEPS ON HOW TO FREEZING COOKIES DECORATED […]

Double boiler
Baking Tips

How Do You: Make a Double boiler at Home and What is it

Difficulty Easy

A double boiler is two parts: a saucepot filled with water and either a heat-safe bowl, or insert, to go over the saucepot. How to create one, in your own kitchen, is fairly easy. If your baking recipe calls for a double boiler, there is a good chance you are […]