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Hi there | Welcome to Sweetness In Seattle Blog

Welcome, my name is Kimm (2 m’s) and I am an almost Seattle-ish native. Based on a turn of events, I’m currently studying digital marketing at Bellevue College. Oh and keeping my passion for food, cooking, and baking alive with this Seattle food blog.

After successfully graduating from culinary and pastry school, I spent 10+ years in the professional food industry. My work experience ranges from corporate hotels, boutique bread bakeries, and nationally recognized health grocers.

My baking and food are straightforward: Use ingredients in their purest form. Have them compliment each other. Start with good stuff and use the appropriate baking methodology.

You will like my recipes if you like simple, easy, and natural ingredients and foods. I avoid excess food colors and dyes, over the top decorating, using fondant or other sugar mediums for decorating, and anything that is too advanced for a home kitchen.

Seattle’s cuisine is diverse and delicious. If you know, you know: Coffee shops on every corner! A variety of mom and pop teriyaki shops! Unique dessert cafes! A huge selection of seafood choices! That is what I love about it and that’s how I incorporated it in my baking and food life.

I am definitely a baker and foodie at heart, thanks for stopping by!

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