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8ight Pocha Restaurant | Japanese Korean Cuisine in Federal Way

Japanese and Korean cuisine, in one? Located south of Seattle, 8ight Pocha combined traditional and street Korean and Japanese foods into one delicious menu. From creative sushi rolls to sashimi to Teokbokki to Korean fried chicken, there is something for every foodie.

8ight Izakaya | Japanese and Korean Restaurant

Pronounced “eit Izakaya,” this full service restaurant is located in downtown Federal Way, on Pacific Highway. It has a comfortable environment that is open to all guests and diners. Opening at 5:30 PM and serving foods and drinks until 2:00 AM, Monday – Saturday, this is your new go-to place for shared plates, sushi, and Asian fusion style tapas.

Service options: Dine in, take out, or delivery.

8ight Pocha Restaurant | Japanese Korean Cuisine in Federal Way
Clean, relaxing, and casual dining environment

8ight Izakaya | Menu

Their menu combines familiar Japanese and Korean dishes. On the Japanese side, they offer traditional tuna, yellow tail, salmon, and squid sushi and sashimi. Plus sushi or sashimi Omakase options. Feeling creative? Try their standard or premium rolls, such shrimp tempura, futo maki, salmon skin, or fried veggie lover. Craving something extra foodie? Try one of their seared signature rolls, like the House of Fire, which combines spicy tuna and seared yellowtail. Or Finding Nemo, it combines crab mayo, avocado, and seared season black pepper salmon.

On their Korean side, they offer table top Teokbokki in three different spice levels. Plus, you select the add-ins to this popular rice cake dish. I ordered mine with fish cake and ramen.

Teokbokki 8ight Pocha Restaurant | Japanese Korean Cuisine in Federal Way
Table top Teokbokki

Other popular Korean dishes are KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), pork belly kimchi tofu, and corn cheese. They also offer a variety of kimbop, a dish that looks like sushi. The tuna-mayo variety contains egg and crab meat.

Tuna-Mayo Kimbop 8ight Pocha Restaurant | Japanese Korean Cuisine in Federal Way
Tuna-Mayo Kimbop

Just wanted something classic and simple to share? Try their poke salad, edamame, Agedashi tofu, French fries, green onion chicken, or shrimp tempura.

Still hungry? They offer a variety of main dishes from noodles to katsu to soups that can easily be shared. The Korean style TonKatsu is deep fried pork cutlet served with rice, corn, slaw, and a sauce on top.

Korean style TonKatsu 8ight Pocha Restaurant | Japanese Korean Cuisine in Federal Way
Korean style TonKatsu

Check out their full menu, here.

8ight Pocha Restaurant Menu | Japanese Korean Cuisine in Federal Way

For drinks, they have non-alcoholic beverages, soju, sake, select distilled spirits, wine, and Korean and Japanese beer.

8ight Pocha Restaurant combines new and traditional Korean and Japanese cuisine that can be easily enjoyed by all foodies. Dine solo, bring a friend, or an entire group, they have space for you!

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