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5 Famous Holiday Desserts: Details and Photos!

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These famous holiday desserts are iconic throughout the nation. Plus, they’ll make any holiday dessert table festive and merrier. Don’t have time to bake ’em? Most bakeries and local grocers will make these festive and famous holiday desserts.

5 famous holiday desserts

Famous Holiday Desserts:

Bûche de Noël: Cake that is in a shape of a yule log. That is correct! It is simply a cake, rolled with frosting and cut into a log shape. Then, the exterior is frosted. What makes it so special is the meringue mushrooms! Bon Appetite’s recipe is made with a deep chocolate cake for chocolate lovers.

Bûche de Noël

Panettone: Sweet, Italian, yeasted bread. This is a perfect alternative for people who don’t like the super sweetness of fruit cake. Yup, it has a variety of dried fruit. But the magical power of yeast makes this bread truly enjoyable! King Arthur’s recipe is an overnight recipe with a starter.

Overnight Panettone

Gingerbread cookies. Make ’em round like a sugar cookie. Or make cutouts and make them pretty with royal icing. My soft gingerbread cookies: the dough can be baked immediately for soft cookies. Or chill the dough for 1-2 hours, roll ’em out, and make gingerbread people, shapes, and sizes!

Gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread Cookies: 2 ways

Eggnog Cheesecake: Heck, anything eggnog shouts out holiday! Cheesecake is a year-round dessert…but add in eggnog and it is one indulgent dessert. Here is All Recipe’s Eggnog Cheesecake and watch the video here. Best part about cheesecake? Add in your fave ingredients to the batter: chocolate chunks! nuts! leftover holiday chocolates!

Eggnog cheesecake

Holiday bread pudding with bourbon sauce: Bread pudding is THE best way to use up that leftover, stale bread. It is simply bread pieces, custard, and spices. Perfect for a crowd! Epicurious’ bread pudding recipe uses cinnamon raisin bread. Other popular pieces of bread that can be used is: challah, brioche, or soft white bread. Go ahead and add a pinch of cinnamon to it. The bourbon sauce makes this dessert a true holiday dessert, too!

Bread pudding with bourbon sauce
Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

Any holiday can be celebrated with a dessert. Start baking here and check out some easy and delicious recipes.

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