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Extra Chocolate Brownies
Cookies and Brownies Recipes

Extra Chocolate Brownie Recipe | Your New Favorite

Difficulty Easy

Extra Chocolate Brownie Recipe: A brownie is simply a chocolate cake without any chemical leavener. That means no baking powder or baking soda. This easy recipe is great for beginner bakers of all levels. Everything is mixed together in a couple bowls. QUESTIONS ON MAKING EXTRA CHOCOLATE BROWNIE RECIPE Q: […]

Classic Banana Bread Recipe
Quick Bread Recipes

Classic Banana Bread Recipe | Your Go-To Recipe

Difficulty Easy

Classic Banana Bread Recipe: Banana bread is a true classic baking recipe. It is a quick bread, so….it is leavened by baking soda, not yeast. Breads like these make it super easy to enjoy something sweet quickly. Use this recipe as a base: add chocolate! add nuts! add more cinnamon […]

Holiday Eggnog Bread
Quick Bread Recipes

Holiday Eggnog Bread Recipe | Perfect for the Holidays

Difficulty Easy

Holiday Eggnog Bread Recipe: Holidays are here! Eggnog, no matter what variety is your favorite, is the choice drink to enjoy. Have leftover eggnog in your fridge? Have no fear and make this super easy eggnog quick bread. Remember, quick breads = made with either baking soda or baking powder. […]

Classic Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
Cakes and Cupcakes

Classic Chocolate Cupcake Recipe | Your New Go-To

Difficulty Easy

Classic Chocolate Cupcake Recipe: Nothing is better than a classic chocolate cake…well, a chocolate cupcake. This easy baking recipe creates a super tender and moist cupcake for any occasion. Top it with any frosting! Plus the recipe is crazy easy, perfect for bakers of all levels. Almost all ingredients are […]