10 Last Minute Christmas Desserts
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10 Last Minute Christmas Desserts | For Everyone

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Last minute Christmas desserts can be very easy to pull off. Plus, every Christmas dinner needs to end with a sweet dessert. Make it homemade, semi home made, or store bought, a last minute Christmas dessert can be very easy to plan.

Not a pro baker? No problem! These Christmas desserts can be easily made and enjoyed. Look for easy and medium ranked desserts. Pick your favorite Christmas dessert from this list, bake it, and then celebrate!


  1. Easy: Gingerbread Cookies + Ice Cream Sammies: Make my soft gingerbread cookies and buy your fave ice cream (vanilla bean is a classic pairing). Sandwich ’em together to make a quick and easy Christmas dessert
  1. Easy: Chocolate Fondue + Fruit: Chocolate fondue is simply melted chocolate with heavy cream and food to dip in. Chop up your favorite fruit (strawberries, blueberries, bananas) and gather your leftover cookies for dipping. Food Network has an easy recipe to follow. No real need for buy a fondue pot, a simple heat safe dish works just fine.

3. Easy: Banana Bread + whipped cream + chocolate chips: Go untraditional and make a classic banana bread. Buy (or make) whipped cream to top and add Christmas chocolates on top. Good news is you can make banana bread on Christmas Day.

4. Easy: Ice Cream Sundaes: Yea, yea, it is winter time. But, a sundae is great for any season! Simply, pick up your favorite ice cream, toppings, and any remaining holiday candies, chocolate and cookies. Top and enjoy. Need some inspiration? Check out this fun list from Delish.

5. Easy: Holiday Eggnog Bread: Have leftover eggnog? Make this quick bread. Top with whatever you have on hand: whipped cream, chocolate sauce and nuts.

6. Medium: Apple Crisp: This dessert is apple filling and a streusel topping. It is easier than an apple pie or cobbler. Sally’s Baking Addiction has a great recipe to follow. Top it with ice cream to make it super indulgent.

7. Medium: Berry Crisp. Make my mixed berry pie filling. Top it with streusel and bake, 350 degrees F for about 45 minutes.

8. Medium: Eggnog Cheesecake: Have extra time and extra eggnog? Make an eggnog cheese and let it chill for 2-3 hours before serving. All Recipes has a classic recipe.

9. Medium: Pumpkin Pie Squares: Pumpkin isn’t just for Thanksgiving! Make this if you have an extra can of pumpkin lying around.

10. Difficult: Bûche de Noël: Christmas cake shaped in a log. Not going to lie, this will take time and patience versus other Christmas desserts on this list.


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